Masonsoft software co., LTD., founded by the head office in silicon valley, was incorporated in China in 2002, with a history of 16 years. Headquartered in chengdu city center and high-tech west, has also set up more than 10 operating agencies at China and oversea, including leshan, mianyang, nanchong company, Canada Toronto, Ukraine, India branch, with more than 200 formal employees. Currently, it is one of the largest Internet companies specializing in the development and operation of social networking sites in western China.

Jason is a graduate of Tsinghua university and the university of California, Berkeley. In 1998, I first got venture capital in the silicon valley of the United States and started his business. Now he has more than 20 years of rich experience. As Jason's second venture project, maosong software has been growing continuously in the past 16 years.

In addition to many industry-leading projects in the United States, maosong software has also carried out incubation investment for other Internet projects. So far, it has successfully incubated 7 projects, and many of them are the first in its field. In terms of success rate, it has been far greater than the success of most Internet enterprises invested by venture capital, especially in the field of making friends.

At present, maosong software has more than 20 English and German dating platforms, and is providing dating services for singles in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, France and other developed countries and regions in the world. Maosong software focuses on each segment of the dating market, there are a number of sites in its market segment has achieved the industry first. As one of the world leaders in the development of dating industry, the company is committed to providing a reliable, effective and user-centered online dating platform to help single people find happiness.